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  • Artist Info: Hello my name is dylan<br />
    i'm a mix between african american and white<br />
    hobbies:<br />
    jerkin<br />
    iPod<br />
    xBox360<br />
    PS3<br />
    Makin u fuckin pissed<br />
    if u like john McCandycain then........FUCK U<br />
    i'm glad we has a black president<br />
    none of chu hillbilly motha fuckers go tryin to kill him<br />
    music i like:<br />
    rap<br />
    pop(lady gaga,Michael Jackson)<br />
    not as big of a fan on rock as i used to be but still like it<br />
    that's all u need 2 no<br />
    for all u stalkers,crazy ex gf's,and people who i hate.......GET DA FUCK OUT MI LIFE
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