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    Hey I'm MJluvr97!! Now as u can c by my layout, i am a OBSSESED w/ Michael Jakcson. He is like a 2nd father 2 me, and I always wish tht I got 2 see him perform, but mostly meet him. Most ppl say he's weird, scary, a molester, but their just ignorant ppl who judge ppl without even knowing them 1st. In my heart I know tht he was a caring human being who could make any person smile, both emotionally nd in their heart. I love you Michael with all my heart, my heart mourns for you everyday, nd may you rest in peace.&lt;3 PS:If u wanna share ur stories about Michael or memories, go 2 www.michaeljackson.com If u are a fan of Michael, on his behalf i would like to say, he thanks you for your love, support, but mostly love. Also tht he loves you w/ all his heart nd try to Heal the World.<br />
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