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  • Artist Info: i am 18 and this is one of my two mule accounts, i have three accounts total, my main account is Donquel which got hacked so don't try to talk to me on there, i lost sooo much stuff.. i had 36000 gold on there and it got hacked, sad panda time. My name here is my middle name in RL which i'm glad wasnt taken because it's mine &gt;.&lt; lol. depending on who i'm talking to, i am a very good talker, grammar and spelling wise. uhhhmm...i graduated highschool this past school year and it was the best feeling ever. uhhhmmm i smoke but not often, i like to rp as a vampire but i'm not good at it lol. i like romance novels as long as they have a good back story, if its all sex then i don't like it at all.<br />
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