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    I don't give a damn about your pixels. I don't give a Damn about you.<br />
    Got it?<br />
    My name's Kat, I'm 14. Don't treat me like a child. I'm more mature then you think. I grew up and still am, growing up, in a boring little town in Pennsylvania. If you haven't guessed it already I'm female. I don't take shit from anyone, I'm slightly bipolar and highly irritable. I like to keep on a happy face, but it's mostly fake. Oh I'm sorry you don't approve of that? I never asked for your opinion. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners, speak when spoken to. Did she also tell you not to let people get in the way of keeping you from speaking your mind? Guess what, your mom's an idiot. End of Discussion. Woah, where was I? Oh right, I don't argue with people who just toss petty insults at me. I want facts. Not "Ur S0 StUp1D AnD BitcHy!" I want you too point something out in me, a flaw, or something I've done that supports what we're arguing about. Otherwise I will ignore you. And most deffinately if you're a noob, I will. A noob is someone who has only just joined and thinks they can run the place like they own it. Alright? @$#$#%!#%! Kay.<br />
    Wowyah. Going on 3 years bebe. &lt;3 Oh btw, he moved here ;]<br />
    I love you &lt;333 dramallama heart dramallama <br />
    Alright, I tend to cling to people easily, so if I act, hyper, or jittery, around you. That's a good thing, no I'm not hitting on you. ;D I just happen to think you're an epically awesome person.<br />
    Need to know anything else? Message me.<br />
    Can't promise I won't rip your head off and eat your remains though.
    <br />
    Want List. <br />
    I want you.<br />
    I am quite insane. You will hate me, few don't. I am what I am. Everything I do is by choice. My life isn't the best, but it's better then most. I am greatful for what I have. I put little effort into school. Music is all I have to fall on. My mood swings will be the death of me.
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    Kiss me arse. ;3
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