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  • Artist Info: Hello!<br />
    I am madamegoogoo.I am the gratest zombie killer in the world of 2353.Thats right,it is the year 2353,and zombies walk the Earth. What happend was Dr.Reerds found a formula that helped teens with realy discusting acny.She called it Teens Act, and what it did was it ate away the dirt, oil, and other icky things on teens faces.<br />
    It was going well at first.Tees Act was the top acny fighting face wash in the world.Then Teens Act started top get crazy.The secret ingredeant was eating into the skin and traviling to the brain.Soon the first zombie teen,Victor Modd,attacted in 2351 at a public library.<br />
    About 2 years,6 months, and 26 days later the whole world was divoured.<br />
    My mission is to find some 13 year old boy the government found on a satlite.I hered them say the dude is amuned to the zimbies atacks so they can use his blood as a cure Blah blah blah.All I know for sure is that I want to kick some zombie ass!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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