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    Hai! My name is Tammi and my best friend is Demyx. <br />
    I am 15 and half... I have brown hair, and I am acctually 4"10. I hate being that short cause Demyx is 6"1, It's annoying... He loves to call me shrimp or shorty. Oh well...<br />
    My sis is Riza-chan and my girlie is Edo-chan. and I acctualy care a lot about them, so if you screw with them... I'll screw up you.<br />
    -smiles sweetly- So... If you want to be my friend just ask. I luv meeting new people! xD<br />
    ~~~~<br />
    Love Knows No Gender! xD<br />
    Believe It! xD<br />
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