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  • Artist Info: This is the song that dosnt end,it just goes on and on my friend,some people started singing it not knowing what it was and they'll continue singing it forever just because,this­ is- ROXY! Okok...<br />
    <br />
    Hello~I'm Roxy!I go by Roxy Deso or D-Rox.I am a very dark mysterious persong,but happy and bright some times,That is what you get with a person that had ADHD Depression and Bi-polar disorder(all­ thanx to my mom,but my moms anotehr subject,if you get me started it'll be a big long line of curse words).Ok hold on the typo fairy is messing with me. ... ... ... K it's gone now.I have the most lovable and annoying dog on earth.Some people call me goth or emo all though I perfer dark and different,so­metimes maybe "Evil"­. Total anime and manga fan.My favorite is KH,Kingdom Hearts for those who don't know,its perfect cause it include my second favoite thing FF,agian for the un knowers(Yes I just came up with a new word) it's Final fantasy.Most­ of my life is online,I dont get out much.I hate school not for the fact of learning(im actually studing right now) for the fact of the people,I'm not really a people person. And I'll update this some more later! ^^
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