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  • Artist Info: Hi im min o 3o ... yes yes my name is wierd xD only my BEST friend can call me that &gt;.&gt; moving on o- o im taken xD you can call me minty milkyway or destiny if u like xD my friends in rl calls me towel <br />
    Gold that i currently have: 74,456g<br />
    Times that got hacked: 5<br />
    Status: bored ; w ;<br />
    I would be glad if you subsribe to my youtube account 8D linky down here V http://www.youtube.com/user/Neonreflection<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    The 5 Shiny rules to be in my friend o 3 o<br />
    1: No begging o -o<br />
    2:ur avi must be worth 20k and up xD<br />
    3: talk to me alot please im always lonely ._.<br />
    4: obey rule number 3 &gt;.&gt;<br />
    5:FEED ME O_O<br />
    _____________________________________________________<br />
    Peoples who cares about me and give me gifts &lt;3<br />
    PenciIs: Carol of Ol' Ebenezer &lt;3<br />
    Issycutiebear199: 312k, super dancey dance biggrin thank yous &lt;3<br />
    the-sasuke-fan: 50k &lt;3<br />
    x I am Jinx x: 3k &lt;3<br />
    xD_Blueishhawt_xD: 10k &lt;3<br />
    opposite of sasuke : 15k &lt;3
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