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  • Artist Info: The battle is hard and brutal. I being who I am inside have fought and survived so much throughout time. I have been hurt and almost destroyed bys ome, but with a special power to just repair it all. I continue on wondering on where I go next but believe I am on good path, though the path of good has taken several crucial blows to my heart,body and mind. Even so I continue on with the same way I have always done. I have learned and taught a few. I will keep going for that is what I shall do. Until I die, I will strive and try to be like the one who loveth all but knows way more then any human can. It is hard and it is frustrating but in time I shall always heal and always be ready for the next battle to take place. The scars of the heart are big and have had more then one strike, my heart now groes stronger and repair's the old wounds. Though it takes a long time to heal I will never give up, and never surrender. ^.^<br />
    I shall fail, I shall get hurt, and I will some how get ill and lie on a bed that may be the end, I will love you all and wish you a pleasant journey. My time will come where I shall wither away, my heart and mind says I would wither while I sleep, While my body shows much strength and youngness and ready for anything that is thrown, Weak in somewhere but in determination I am not.<br />
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