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  • Artist Info: I'm Lexi.<br />
    I've recently changed my name to RiddickChick. Suits me better than my previous name.<br />
    Dk what to say.... Not much really interesting for me to tell about me. I'm more interesting if you knew me.<br />
    Here's one thing about me: I'm not your average teen. I'm different. At school, I'm almost considered an outcast. But I don't care. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Besides, my school's full of wannabes and preps and jocks. I'd rather be an outcast anyday.<br />
    Music is an importnt factor in my life. Metal and rock are the main genres I listen to. There are only a few genres I hate.<br />
    Anime, of course, is something I can't live without. What would life be like without anime? I've grown up with anime and don't plan tp stop watching any time soon.<br />
    Umm... that's about it. Talk to ya'll on the flip side.
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