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  • Artist Info: the name is alexander,you may call me alex.<br />
    i write poetry,songs<br />
    i used to be in a band,quit and now i do acoustic gigs by myself and i love it &lt;3<br />
    i am bi,dont like it then fuck you dont talk to me!<br />
    music is my life,i HATE rap and country!!!!<br />
    if your my friend,i will stand up for you,and do anything in my power to help you when you need it<br />
    i play,gutair(acoutic and eletric) piano,and violen (somewhat XD)<br />
    my friends are my life if you hurt them i will kill you,and you think im kiding but im dead serious<br />
    i do not eat meat,its ewww : P<br />
    i will talk to about anyone so pm me and show some love &lt;3
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