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  • Artist Info: Aloha all the Gaians! I am Awesomenessgirl400! <br />
    Awesomeness because i know i am,girl because im a girl, and 400 because thats really my favorite number.<br />
    I really like anything to do with cats don't dance! Escpecially anything to with danny and sawyer. By the way (if you look on my page u would totally understand.) I really like any thing thats cute so that makes me have an adorable flavor against animals!<br />
    Two things that im very interested in is comedy and broadway. Ever since i saw teletubies (when I was younger) the way those guys just played around and had a fun time with everything. Of course I thought I was Going to have a fun time in my life but that changed whaen I turned 9. <br />
    The other thing is broadway. Broadway really makes me picture myself up on that stage and just enjoying myself. Really great experience for u. Anyway I think u guys don't wanna hear anything else I have to say. So Bye Thanx For Reading!
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