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  • Artist Info: My name is Jaimie, also Kong, but you can all my both(:<br />
    Some girls say they are different then other girls, and a lot of them say that, so i guess they're all the same(;<br />
    I would say, I'm not like other girls, but I'm more of a nice person..<br />
    I care too too much lol what else? I got it from the mother~_~ "<br />
    Besides.. I'm being sent to war.. Yes I am being trained to get ready for it.<br />
    Even though I don't want to, I have no choice..<br />
    So any who, I love every single one of my friends&lt;3<br />
    I am a one of a kind girl..You cannot find ANYONE out there just like me..<br />
    I only come around often, with a smile on my face, and a good attitude.. <br />
    But what if I'm just hiding that? Just not to show the world that I'm hurting inside..<br />
    But only to myself I'm showing that to.<br />
    Like the phrase.. "The World May Never Know." which they won't..<br />
    Just take me for who I am, cause' you'll never know, who's really hurting nor dieing inside.. "Angels Are Everywhere.." and I'm one of them.. The one who will protect the place on where you live.. remember.."Peace..," <br />
    --Live Long, Remember Your Loves, Die Trying."--<br />
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