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  • Artist Info: Hello. Night Witch the Third here.<br />
    I am rather fond of darkness.<br />
    I live to serve my overlord.<br />
    I live in my little cave by the side of the ocean.<br />
    I'm not telling you where.<br />
    My favorite color is midnight blue.<br />
    I am not a goth, just different.<br />
    But goths are fun.<br />
    I hate the Twilight Series with all my heart.<br />
    It's not even a real vampire story.<br />
    I support gay marrage. Live with it.<br />
    Walmart is evil.<br />
    I also support abortion. You can live with that too.<br />
    I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion.<br />
    Real Vampires are cool.<br />
    <br />
    My favorite characters in One Piece are Luffy and Sanji.<br />
    My favorite show is Invader Zim.<br />
    I prefer Subway over any other resturaunt.<br />
    Pirates are the bomb. They rock.
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