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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<br />
    - x w a t s o n<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    xxThe Name's John. John Watson<br />
    xxI am of age between 10 and 20.<br />
    xxI Love to roleplay<br />
    xxIf your here to annoy me Bugger off<br />
    xxI love anime and manga<br />
    xxThis is just gonna be filled with crap about me<br />
    xxI draw avi art<br />
    xxnom nom nom ...<br />
    xxI like things that are funny - like your face haha!<br />
    xxnot realy hahaha<br />
    xxWho do you think will win, a Giraffe or a zebra?<br />
    xxi like toast<br />
    xxThis is really pointless ...<br />
    xxI like pm's and comments<br />
    xxFinal thing ... Do not ask to donate ... i will hit you with poo if you do<br />
    xxhehe that rhymed ....
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