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  • Artist Info: Hey people, guess what? I'm finally changing my "about me" thingy-ma-bob! So... what the heck should I put on here? Ummm... well (for you people I don't know me and are for some reason looking at my profile) my name is Haley. I like to read/draw manga, play video games, hang out with my crazy friends, and do other random stuff. Some of my favorite manga are Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Anima, Nora: the last chronicle of devildom, Rosario Vampire, the many Zelda manga, etc. I read other books, too, like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series (the movie better be good, or else!), Eragon, and other fantasy, but NOT Twilight! They took the cool idea of vampires and turned it into a stupid gushy love story by somebody who doesn't know how to write! And the actors in the movies are so ugly! Anyways, before I get into a full-blown rant, I'm changing the subject. I love fantasy stuff like swords and magic and stuff. Ummm... what else...? I like fire. A lot. People always see fire as something evil, but c'mon! It's cool! Er, hot. I own a replica of the ocarina of time and can play it, along with a pendant ocarina. I also play cello, but I hate it. Well, I'll add to this later, but for now:<br />
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    note: there was a plus sign next to Anima up there, but it won't show up
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