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    Emily is the name I was given.<br />
    And I am 22 years old.<br />
    I'm an 06 member of Gaia.<br />
    And Queen Namine was my first account.<br />
    Drawing is my number one passion.<br />
    I've been doing it since I was very young. <br />
    my deviantart<br />
    Second comes writing. Particularly, poetry. <br />
    Fun fact: I've completed at least 15 books of writing.<br />
    My musical interests varies. I've got anything from Dixie chicks to<br />
    Nortt. I listen to anything. <br />
    I'm also big into coffee. Like. Obsessed. I love the stuff. Especially <br />
    peppermint flavored. I guess you could say I'm a coffeeholic.<br />
    And in general, I'm usually a pretty quiet person. I don't talk unless<br />
    I actually have to. I like to observe. But that doesn't mean I don't<br />
    like a good conversation. That just means I probably wont start<br />
    it.. But do feel free to chat with me, I promise I wont bite.<br />
    I'm an insomniac. And also because I work in the evening, <br />
    I usually live the night life on Gaia. So I'm online on very late hours.<br />
    Also do forgive me if I happen to randomly stop responding to you<br />
    in towns..9 times outta 10 I'm multitasking with something else on<br />
    the internet. <br />
    Have a good day.
    <br />
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