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  • Artist Info: Hello one, hello all!<br />
    I, Philisophical Azure, am pleased to meet such a individual such as yourself!<br />
    What? Me, you say? Well, alrightie! Let's get on with it!<br />
    I'm [Insert Age and Location here] and that's the story on that.<br />
    Believe it or not, but I'm American.<br />
    With a tint of Irish of course, however totally sober despite my heritage.<br />
    Drinking seemed too unpleasent and I prefer to keep all my brain cells thank you.<br />
    And my liver. <br />
    And the rest of the body I only get once.<br />
    Hmm...hobbies now? Okay!<br />
    - I love to delve myself into a good novel now and again. People swear they always see me with a juicy, thick book in hand.<br />
    - Playing piano seems to become a past time and a way to clear the head of all my musical ideas. <br />
    - Writing and drawing help my mind sift out all my lovely ideas onto paper with the assistance of a pen and pencil. And if I feel like coloring it, a colored pencil of sorts.<br />
    Likes and dislikes? Thought you would never ask!<br />
    - I like clouds for their almost constant change in the sky, never the same shape twice, though it's kind of hard to tell on cloudy days with the sky completely drowned in cloud. The ocean is a pleasant one. Water is so emotional, as is it's opposite Fire. How they dance when excited! Nature in itself pleases me, causes my mind to think and wander around the vastness that is the soul. Being a Christian allows me to see how beautiful and wonderous the world is in all it's creation.<br />
    - Though I may like Nature in it's wonderous creation, I absolutely detest things that crawl. Ugh...insects, mice, you know the lot. Ironically, no matter how much I love the sky that changes into such vivid colors, I have a phobia of heights. Anything over ten feet my legs begin to wobble about like jello. Don't even get me started on vertigo!<br />
    And that's that my friends! Hoped you had your fun!
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