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  • Artist Info: ~*~College student about to be graduate student.~*~<br />
    ~*~Played college softball~*~<br />
    ~*~Lived in Wales~*~ cool <br />
    ~*~Love traveling~*~<br />
    ~*~Addicted to League of Legends~*~ <br />
    ~*~Causal gamer and Anime/Manga fan~*~ sweatdrop <br />
    ~*~Pagan~*~<br />
    ~*~Bisexual and proud of it~*~<br />
    ~*~That being said, I have a huge crush on Tenoh Haruka, I would go gay for her if she were real~*~<br />
    ~*~Love to write~*~<br />
    ~*~Love needlepoint!~*~<br />
    ~*~Going into medicine...so one of these days I might be saving your life~* 4laugh ~<br />
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