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  • Artist Info: The Nexus rejects.<br />
    I feel little desire to stay on the site considering the direction it's gone, and the way users and staff alike behave. As a result, I quit. BUT! Don't fret! Because you can reach me just as easily as you could here via Skype! And i'm no more personal there either! : D mal.nazo is the username, Solus Nexus is the name. I urge any friends or otherwise to reach me there. Simply type me up and message me, think of it as an alternative to PMing me. Anyway, farewell. Maybe in the distant future, when the site has changed some things, I'll return. But for now, it's over. I may check in every few months or so.<br />
    <br />
    For the sake of growth, i'm updating this one last time.<br />
    From here on, call me Nexus. I'm a pretty chill dude most of the time--at least I try to be. If you want to know more about that name, it's meaning, and what I actually go by, my skype is mal.nazo, you can reach me there, and I prefer you to. I have a variety of interests and a rather cynical and nihilistic philosophy, but I don't harp on it, so don't worry about it, I mostly just like to joke around anyway. I do not like anime, I like good shows that happen to be anime, my favorite is Gurren Lagann. It is the best fuck you if you say otherwise, I will fight you. I love Music, even though I don't know a lot about how to play instruments or of the industry, I love listening to a variety of Music. 90's-early2k Hip Hop is great, some Jazz, Trance, Rock, Ballad, Alternative, you name it. The Interests tab may not necessarily reflect what I like much anymore in that regard, but whatever. I'm very passionate about Video Games and it's industry. I play a wide variety, work with them, and plan to possibly make some in the future with some talented friends! If I had to pick a favorite game, it'd probably be Persona 4. I roleplay a lot, I enjoy Action and fighting, some drama, romance(makeofthatwhatyouwill), and even some mystery.<br />
    It should be noted that i'm a very different person than I was when I firequented this site, which comes with the territory of growing up. My interests have changed a lot and my opinions and beliefs have as well. The trick is to just stop trying so hard not to be dumb, and then poof, you're grown up. In all seriousness though, if you do contact me, know this about me, and if you used to know me, well, I probably learned whatever lesson I needed to in the end anyway. So you win.<br />
    Other than these things, there's not a lot else I can think of. Again, if you want to reach me, I have a Skype that I always have open, but otherwise, this site is kind of done. It's got a lot of issues. Take Care and See you.
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