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  • Artist Info: Im prone to saying impossible things and, doing the impossible in front of you. So don't take the stupid things i do seriously, it'll only add fuel to your own fire... what else am i missing... oh right, i have a dream to become a Master Artist, though not to sure about that dream, but i do have alot of other goals that get in the way of accomplishing that, as in, weightlifting, procrastinating, dancing, and a many other things that people find interest in.<br />
    <br />
    So then, a simple person who likes simple things at a extremely akward pace, is who i am, nothing complicated, just simple, so another goal in life is to help out the complicated people, since they tend to get themselves into those types of situiations. Most people i come in contact with (in real-life, and a few exceptions for those online, a special case if i say so myself) tend to be a little clingy, which is why i keep to myself alot of times, or all the time if can - .-''', but then again i do like making friends, from every corner of this world, good or bad. I don't try to the cross the boundries of being biased towards others, no matter who they may be, made many friends like this, unlike the old principal i use to follow, "do unto others as they do unto you" which got me no where with some people. For a lack of a better word, i'll use submissive, now, these days i act some what submissive among the so called complicated people, who have the most insane ideas and a insane way of living life, but most the time consort to being a big brother to these confused complicated people in order to deal with the situations they have. Simple yes┬┐ so then, a submissive older brother who'd willingly help you out, is what i become at times.<br />
    <br />
    Now what else is there to tell about me, instead of informing people of simple things? Ok just ask, add or whatever comes to mind at the moment... it doesn't hurt to exploit the mind...<br />
    <br />
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