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  • Artist Info: The most special person on here to me is Butterzworth. She's fun, crazy, loves NachoeZ, and is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.<br />
    The funny thing about our friendship is how we met. Remember when the "I Am A Cow" item first came out? Well, I was running around MTV, and I saw Butterz (only her account was Poetically Colourful), and she was all like, "Cow!!" Then some stupid people started chasing me.<br />
    Butterz stepped in front, gave me some NachoeZ, then like, stopped all those idiots in their tracks with her super duper awesome wisdomness. She stood up for me, and that is one thing a true friend does.<br />
    Another thing that really makes Butterz special is her undying loyalty to her friends. She has given me confidence when I was suffering anxiety attacks, said some truly inspiring things, and kept me going. I can always look to her whenever I need a pick-me-up.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    If any sixteen year old on this Earth is more intelligent that Butterzworth, I'll eat my white cap. And I can't even find--<br />
    Oh. There it is.<br />
    .___. ;;<br />
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