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  • Artist Info: . My real name is Sabrina Sumner<br />
    . I am christian i just sometimes act out xD <br />
    .I am currently single and perfectly happy!<br />
    . I love music<br />
    . I am currently 12 but i will be 13 in february!( so dont judge me im sure you were young once too)<br />
    . I consider myself as a nerd<br />
    . I play the clarinet for my school's band<br />
    . I love flowers!<br />
    . I like all the colors of the rainbow<br />
    . I love spicy food<br />
    . I consider myself chubby <br />
    . I judge people on the inside not what they look like<br />
    . I can be challenged at times<br />
    . I has been told that i am very funny and loveable<br />
    . Ya i is very smart....... when i want to be!!xD<br />
    . I like to use improper english on purpose cuz it is fun<br />
    . im a very loveable person unless u piss me off in which i shall banish u from this page forevah!! muahhh!! ( woah that sounded creepy..)
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