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  • Artist Info: First off.. the names Tara, [[a.k.a. Terrible Tara]], an i love music/ singing, photographyy, skateboarding, an eyeliner.. i am obsessed wit singing as muchh as i possibly can lol i juss love it.. my dream is two become a model, an my mom is helping meh fulfill that dream(: ..ha i like two be myselff ALL the time [[and by that i mean yelling random things in the hallways at school and jump-kicking ppl lol]].. ohh!, an i dyed my hair so now its blackk wit redd tips, yay! lol.. pluz i flipp my hair every two seconds! But just two warn you ppl, im the type of person that runs into chairs and says "ohh, sorry!" lol.. thenn i realize that its a chair an im like, "dammit!!" lol.. [[ohh an im 14 years young, yes 14, an if you have a problem wit my "maturity level " then keep it two yourselff plz]] btw, dnt call meh a "noob", its immature an pointless.. the two GREATEST animals in the whole wide world has gotta be dinosaurs an unicorns cuz they're MEGA steller!!haha.. uhh i thinkk thats all but if you want two kno more then just send me a message.. make peace not wars<3<br />
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