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    Comment Here <br />
    Have you ever had a pet that you had to feed every day? <br />
    Have you ever really wished it could feed itself sometimes?<br />
    Sometimes you feel like to feed it and sometimes you just don't?<br />
    Well, guess what.<br />
    I'm just like that pet.<br />
    I need to be fed<br />
    I need to be loved<br />
    & most importantly I need to be protected. <br />
    I can easily be your friend if you want to be friends<br />
    I can easily be your enemy if you want to be enemies<br />
    Just like you, I can easily hate & love<br />
    & I can say: "I don't care." just like you<br />
    My rebuttal is, Do unto others as you would have them do on to you
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