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  • Artist Info: Count Vlad Dracula: full description-<br />
    As war swept through romania after the fall of Constantinople, a Romanian knight of the sacred order of the dragon bid his bride farwell. This knight was Count Vlad Dracula, and the night before he left, his bride, Elizabeta, sobbed quietly with doubt, for she knew he was about to face a monstrous force which he may not be able to overcome.<br />
    Before he rode out to battle, he pulled a cross from his armor and prayed for Gods will to grant him victory, and for the safety of his one and only love. But the enemies had a terrible, malicious plan. They shot an arrow (attached to it a peice of parchment) into the castle where elizabeta waited anxiously. the note said that Count Vlad Dracula had been killed. wrought with pain and disbeleif, she threw herself from a window and plunged into a river below, sinking to the bottom.<br />
    The Count found his bride lai out across the floor of his chapel, a note lying next to her. it said "I have read that my prince is dead. all is lost without him. may God unite us in heaven" the preist told Dracula that because she had taken her own life, she was damned, and her soul could not be saved.<br />
    Count Dracula's tears quickly turned into fits of rage, "Is this my reward for defending the word of God?!" he bellowed as he swung his sword into the wooden cross behind him. blood poured from the cross and he remarked "Blood is life, and it shall be mine." from then on he swore to rise from his death to avenge the soul of his beloved. As blood dripped form the cross and poured through the chapel, he left with anger and disgrace.<br />
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    (thank you anti angel for your help ^^)
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