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    SALUTATIONS!!! well lets see here... i go by many names, some of them being Hikaari-Kaht, Kaht, JesiRai, Jess, Jesi, or Jessica... i am kind of a dork. easily embarrassed... i blush a lot... yet i have a foul mouth and a quick temper... i love deeply and cherish my friends... i like honesty and strait forwardness, if you have a problem with me say it to my face, don't be a coward and talk behind my back... i love happy people, i really hate drama, i am a laid back person, and i am wiccan so i believe all life is precious no matter how small and seemingly insignificant... i love to dress extravagantly and attract attention. i love when ppl stop me to ask where i got the amazing skirt im wearing. i proudly reply "i ordered it from japan" *grin* i love my lolita &lt;3 i have started quite a collection of lolita clothes from japan... i do many things in my spare time... i write short stories, novels, and poetry... i sing quite well and i have experience in ballet, hip hop/jazz, tap, and several more... i love photography and frequently hike threw the woods near my house in search of photography gold... i love the sunshine and being outside. i hate the cold and the winter... i love techno, dub step, rock/ rock alt, metal, r&b, some rap, some country... i mostly like music with good meaning in the lyrics but i also love to dance so dance music of any kind usually gets me moving ^^ lol. i am kinda quirky and bouncy... i laugh a lot and am pretty easy to get along with... so i guess if you want to know more about me or if we seem to have something in common hit me up ^^ i love to make new friends and enjoy having new ppl to talk to...
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