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    Hey Everyone, EmpressBlack here, And I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. So lets start with my family, I love all of them especially all of my sisters and my cousins. There the closest to my living space while the rest are like on the other side of the country and I barely see them.<br />
    Next, I don't go to a public high school I go to an online school called 'PSEcademy'. I like the school a lot but I get bored sometimes but I rather do this because I don't want to go to the schools where I live.<br />
    Other stuff aboutme would would be I love Anime/Manga. I could just watch and read them all day long. Some of the mones I'm interested in at the moment are Gundam 00, Welcome to the N.H.K( Sato is so funny) and The Wallflower. There both really good. My all time favorite is Bleach. It is the best ever. <br />
    Well I dont really know what else to put on here anymore so I'moff to do. . . stuff.
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