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  • Artist Info: Here's a summary that describes me: Anime fan, manga reader, music lover, gamer, self-proclaimed lunatic/emperor of my own little world, daydreamer. That's right gaia, Kurazaki-san covers alot of topics and refuses to be ignored. (As long as I have the motivation to make myself heard -_-) As I stated previously, I am an anime fan, primarily the action/adventure genres, Same goes for manga. I am an avid listener to many types of music such as rock, metal, classical, techno, dubstep, J-pop, etc. I am a gamer, have been since the olden days of the SNES. And I consider myself a lunatic and ruler of the world inside my head. (There's bacon everywhere and it rains chocolate ice cream. Trust me, it's awesome there, and I've got a condo right next to a lake of gatorade.)<br />
    <br />
    Town house link: ]http://www.gaiaonline.com/homes?user=22509329
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