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  • Artist Info: I go by Peach online. Only a few Gaian know my real name. ;3<br />
    I'm an Otaku, a Pegasister and an Adventurer all packed into one.<br />
    I very rarely update my profile, so if you're viewing this then it's probably outdated by, like, a month. c:<br />
    I'm currently learning Japanese so, just a warning, I tend to throw a bit of Jap here and there. :3<br />
    I'm a Roleplay addict, so if anyone's up for an RP, you know who to ask. ;3<br />
    And I'm Australian, in case any of you guys were wondering~<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    I'm always up for new friendships, so give me a comment or a PM!<br />
    But please, no random adds. I never accept them.
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