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    <br />
    <br />
    I am an innocent person. <br />
    First sight was my eyes.<br />
    Accidentally falls easy with somebody.<br />
    Never thinks negative in life.<br />
    Forever reaching my goals. <br />
    Showing love and care.<br />
    Horrific film may gets me weak.<br />
    Even love does? <br />
    My family and my friends are my life.<br />
    Do you ever think why?<br />
    Shall I search for someone as be one of my life like them?<br />
    Everything can cure me, but love can't. <br />
    Deeper explanation when it comes to God. <br />
    But surely I am a person who has a full of fear to God.<br />
    Darkness and death may come with us,<br />
    any time, any day, any year.<br />
    But I trust him through all the things. <br />
    God may forgive us.<br />
    My addiction was a game, my parents always scolds me.<br />
    Once I heard, let them go and out of my ears.<br />
    Sometimes I always think, how can I stop being addicted?<br />
    I can't say anything. I wish I will be a good humankind someday.<br />
    Or shall I prefer being naughty? No. I'm not! I whisper to myself,<br />
    "everything can change, let them happen soon.."<br />
    <br />
    You have read what's my life.. <br />
    But it is just a bit, or I can say summary of my life..<br />
    We're not in the last page, we are in the first page.<br />
    <br />
    I am glad if you are going to add me as friend. <br />
    I am not a monster, I am a human. biggrin <br />
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