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  • Artist Info: And lo, the guitar playing zombie hath commeth<br />
    May thee raise thy goblet of rock, and propose a toast to the Polite Zombies!<br />
    And hark! i am but one of the 4 undead musicians yet to rise!<br />
    Anywhays.....yeah ma names alan, im 16 somethings<br />
    um, i like my anime, and any other thing worth watching<br />
    uum, bla bla bla bla<br />
    uuum, me and my little big bro erich make swords out of wood, if thats interesting for you<br />
    uuuum,pssh i dont kno, i hate fish<br />
    dont kno what more to say, pm me or something, ill be glad to tell u stuffs<br />
    p.s. uuhhhh........shit! i forgot
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