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    Hi there! I'm kona! (obviously) Well this is about ME AND ONLY ME MUAHAHA! *Ahem* exuse me..... hehe...<br />
    I can speak in English, Korean, French, and a little bit of Spanish. I'm sort of a clutz but not all the time, for example I have been hit with a tennis ball, a volleyball, a football, a basketball, a soccer ball, tripped on my shoe while i was walking on concrete (I was okay I landed in a push up position haha..), and I almost, ALMOST hit my face on a pole because I wasn't looking where i was going when i was talking to my friends. I LOVE music and sweets like cake(yummy cake whee ), I like to be happy and to be carefree most of the time, and be CRAZY! I'm also very shy. I don't like to say bad words, I don't drink or smoke because it is bad for YOUUUU! I don't mind if you say bad words because I don't care I'll just deal with it I won't be mad or anything. I play piano, guitar, and the flute. I really want to learn how to play violin. I heart every type of music like classical or rock. I heart TEA!!!<br />
    Just give me tea and I'll love you or give me a dessert and I'll still love you. But don't worry I will still love you no matter what. 3nodding I also LOVE, LOVE, dancing, art, animating, cooking, baking, etc.!
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