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  • Artist Info: Hey! My life is very complicated, but the main points I'll tell u.<br />
    <br />
    1.My fav bands r Paramore, Nikelback, & Three Days Grace<br />
    2.I'm not a very nice person, so if I were u, I wouldn't mess with me<br />
    3.I'm a definite tomboy<br />
    4.Gaia is my fav website<br />
    5.I'm a "lone wolf", usually<br />
    6.I tell people only the truths I want to tell, but I do not lie<br />
    7.I LOVE demons<br />
    8.My fav animal is the wolf<br />
    9.I enjoy horseback riding<br />
    10.I HATE having nothing to do<br />
    11.I HATE when people get on my nerves<br />
    12.My fav book series is Maximum Ride (though i think it went downhill at the end of Fang)<br />
    13.My fav movie is Paranormal Activity 2<br />
    14.I have fun drawing & writing<br />
    15.My fav video game is Split Second
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