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  • Artist Info: ((No. It is NOT all about me. That is the only thing I hate about the layout.))<br />
    <br />
    Hola...I'm just gonna throw some stuff out about me: <br />
    name- I'll tell you if I know you<br />
    Age- 14<br />
    Relationship- taken<br />
    where I live- Why would you want to know that?...stalker ((lol joking))<br />
    description of me: my eye color varies from green to blue to weird colors in between. Really dirty blond hair that's wavy and goes about five inches past my shoulders. I am usually wearing weird clothes. I ain't no anurexic girl but I'm not fat. I'm that perfect weight for my age. And that's gives you a small description of me.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Also: Here goes nothing: I'm crazy and immature but I get hurt a lot. I don't like a lot of things but I love a lot of things. I'm an absolute push over at times and if it came down to it I could be a freaking mass murderer with how bad my anger issues are. But I'm caring and want to help. I don't want to hurt people. But I do. A lot. And I don't mean to. I was depressed from third grade (and yeah it is possible to be depressed in third grade. Believe me.) to seventh grade. I'm going into ninth grade and struggle to not slip back into such a mental state that I've been in. I believe in love and loving someone will all your heart. And I believe that this world will crumble one day if peace doesn't come soon. Do I believe in 2012? Maybe, maybe not. I have a hard time deciding things so I can't pick. I forget things a lot compared to some people. I run to what hurts me and I don't mean to. I have flaws and many at that but hey! You can't change me. I don't cuss, I wont drink, do drugs, or any of that crap because all it does it screw you up. I'm fourteen and I act more like I'm four sometimes. I come from a dysfunctional family. I want to dream forever even when I can't sleep. I want to be remembered even if it's as the invicible girl. If you put me in a silent room I'll scream. I want to be heard. I want t live. Feel. See. I just want! I want to be happy without worrying about being sad. I want be loved and love with all my heart. I just want to be someone. Someone that shines even when the stars aren't out. Anything. I have a heart of gold and a splatters of black on it. I'm imperfect and willing to put up with that. And I will not EVER be defined as just another girl. So what do you think so far?
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