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  • Artist Info: Age:<br />
    -15<br />
    Sex:<br />
    -female<br />
    Intrested in:<br />
    -men<br />
    Opinion on gay rights: they deserve the same rights as anyone else<br />
    <br />
    Hi, I'm Naytasha!<br />
    I love music and drawing and reading and writing and crochet.<br />
    I play clarinet. I draw people, anime and realistic.<br />
    I mostly read Manga when I'm not doing school reading.<br />
    I write stories about sad things because I'm usually sad.[/color<br />
    I make little crochet animals and foods.<br />
    I have big fears. If you go to forms and look up petty fears, you'll see mine and read all my fears, cuz there's a lot of them and most are posted there.<br />
    My favorite colors are royal purple crimson red and saphire blue.<br />
    I sleep with a teddy bear and bite my nails when I'm stressed or scared.<br />
    I text almost nonstop.<br />
    I like yaoi and some yuri.<br />
    My fav animes are Oraun High School Host Club (fav char is Kauru) and Vampire Knight (fav char Zero or the charman).
    <br />
    I tend to forget to sleep some nights and text or draw or read or crochet through them.<br />
    I also get terrible nightmares (which is what drew me to sleep with a teddy bear and not sleep much.<br />
    <br />
    I do color guard for my high school's marching band. I love it, but because of it, I have to have surgery on my right knee. I was born with an issue with the tendands around my knee caps that we didnt know about til just resently when i'd constantly hit my right knee stretching the tendand and now, the tendand is too long and they have to fix it. I'm not gonna get the surgery til after marching season cuz without guard, I go crazy with boredum and frustration. <br />
    <br />
    I look forward to meeting new people and getting reacquainted with some of my old Gaia friends. 'Kay ^-^ see y'all around ^-^
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