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  • Artist Info: Hiya~ I am Chow <br />
    and i've been on <br />
    gaia since 2009. <br />
    I love food whee <br />
    I also like anime, <br />
    drawing, art, cooking <br />
    and collect cute stuffs heart <br />
    I am on and off Gaia and I <br />
    am mainly on zOMG. (I don't <br />
    play zOMG that much anymore,<br />
    due to busy schedules in real life) <br />
    I love my friends biggrin Now <br />
    enough about me! Tell <br />
    me something about you!<br />
    Don't be afraid to leave <br />
    a comment. I DON'T BITE!! whee <br />
    <br />
    I do speak and talk with <br />
    others but I don't accept <br />
    friend request. Nothing <br />
    against anyone but I am<br />
    not online that much. <br />
    I have so many friends <br />
    on my friendlist that <br />
    sometimes I go on hiatus<br />
    and when I come back<br />
    I don't remember them <br />
    that much. I do not like <br />
    this awful feeling to not <br />
    remember who you are. <br />
    <br />
    Thank you for your understanding!
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