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  • Artist Info: 'Ello, I am Monikoma<br />
    I am 18<br />
    Favorite color: Tuscan red<br />
    Favorite flower: Raflesia (look it up)<br />
    Favorite food: Mango<br />
    I am huge on video games & game development (I am currently working on a 3 part series)<br />
    I draw anime mostly, but I can do still-life to. I post my stuff on the art...arena...thing, so if you wanna see how I draw...there it is.<br />
    I can do avi art if you want just pm me (I can guarentee that it won't be fast tho')<br />
    I love exchanging info so if you want to talk about something, I always like to share/ hear something interesting.
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