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  • Artist Info: Yo peeps my names Ever I am 14 years young and currently in my Freshman year of highschool.<br />
    Before you ask yes Ever is my real name so just don't ask me. I'm very sarcastic so try not to get offended blaugh if you do get offended stare sucks for you. <br />
    My taste in music is very odd and if you don't like it... I obviously don't care if you want to see those music choices look at my interests.<br />
    I am single by choice because I'm saving myself for that perfect person who's afraid to lose me. No I'm not a hopeless romantic because I handle myself.<br />
    I like riding my bike, shopping at hot topic, hanging out with my awesome friends, and being on the internet like a nerd xd <br />
    I am a huge anime nerd and always make reference to it soooo if you know what I'm talking about I already love you.<br />
    I don't like Justin Bieber, girly girls, pink, idiots, jerks, preppy popular people, and cheese.<br />
    I'm just your average girl with some crazy, awesome, sarcasm, and weird mixed in. <br />
    If you want to know more PM me or comment on this awesome profile thanks peeps!<br />
    hasta la bye bye<br />
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