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  • Artist Info: Hey, whats up(what a corny way to start a sentence lol) as you can see I'm not good with intoduction so I'll skip to the part with the info: <br />
    fav animal:gray wolf<br />
    fav color:dark blue<br />
    fav pastime:daydreaming<br />
    fav sport:soccor, softball, and martail arts<br />
    fav type of music:rock,pop, and im starting to like metal<br />
    fav thing to do:sleep<br />
    fav subject:science<br />
    fav t.v. show:Bleach & Naruto Shippuden<br />
    i love drawing,sculpting, painting, softball, basketball, fighting, fishing, hunting, watching t.v., playing vidio games with my brother.<br />
    least fav animal:spider<br />
    least fav color:pink<br />
    least fav pastime:work<br />
    least fav sport:cheerleading(i dont even consider it a sport i mean hello why isn't it in the olymics?)<br />
    least fav type of music:techno(its just plain wierd)<br />
    least fav thing to do:admitting i'm wrong<br />
    least fav subject:math<br />
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