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  • Artist Info: Well to start off I'm 17. I was born on 10/24/94, I live in Houston, TX. <br />
    I'm not the average guy.<br />
    I like to have fun but I'm serious most of the time I basically like to stay in my room and watch Anime, Read, Draw, Pray, Play Videogames.<br />
    I'm actively involved in my church, volunteering, and also working at a daycare currently.<br />
    I treat women with respect, unlike other "Boys" my age, (Not Interested in having sex). Call me Gay or Fag whatever floats your boat I'm just not into premarital sex.<br />
    Not into fighting unless I absolutely have to. I think secular rap is stupid and obscene. I dislike people picking on others<br />
    My favorite sport is Hackey Sack, I also like to play Soccer.<br />
    I mostly stay to myself, I like to respect others, and I care about other people more than myself, I'm kind of a smarty pants/book worm and proud of it biggrin .<br />
    I'm a Christian and I Love God, and I like to help others so if you have any problems you can always talk to me.
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