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    name: Kat<br />
    day of birth: Dec. 30<br />
    age: 22<br />
    place of residence: Phoenix, Arizona <br />
    orientation: bisexual <br />
    status: engaged<br />
    color of hair: brown/red <br />
    color of eyes: green <br />
    piercings: ears<br />
    drug: none<br />
    addiction: my family, friends, and school<br />
    hobbies: reading, writing, typing<br />
    ring size: 7-9<br />
    shoe size: 7-9 <br />
    most craved substance: Strawberries <br />
    religion: Asatru<br />
    instrument of choice: violin <br />
    best time of day: night<br />
    number of good memories: When I had my boys. The world just stopped for a second and I couldn't believe I had them.<br />
    best smell: rain and my boys after a bath.<br />
    favorite accessory: my necklace and ring<br />
    afraid of: clowns and losing those I love more than anything.<br />
    coolest object owned: A faerie that my friend Jj got me.<br />
    current pets: 2 cats<br />
    dislikes most: liars, cheats, betrayal<br />
    allergic to: nothing <br />
    amused by: life and the people in it <br />
    coolest eating utensil: spork<br />
    magical mystical mystery meat: spam. it is gross. <br />
    obsession: internet, books, my man.<br />
    extracurricular activities: college<br />
    <br />
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