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    Bonjour.<br />
    Je mappalle Derek. Je suiz 18 ans.
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    Yep im Derek. Im 18. I party. and snowboard. I can be you girlfriends next boyfriend. B] Sadly, im single. Really pretty eyes make me melt. But thats off topic B] Definate hawaiin and straight up aloha spirit. Malama Pono! But! I am also full blood Japanese. Nihon ha subarashii kuni desu. Any kind of music suits me. I really don't have a preference to think of it. One thing that makes my day though... NUTELLA. Its... undescriable. Heaven. Would be it. But ya know what else is heaven. HOOKAH. Try it now. So tasty. Starbuzz hookah shisha. IS THE BOMBDIGGITY. So... Peace out brah. Comment me if you came across this page yo!. 8D!
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