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  • Artist Info: I LOOOVE MANGA AND ANNIME!!!!! heart Um... does that make me an otaku? sweatdrop I also love j-pop bands, but my favourite is LM.C!!! 4laugh My favourite colour is black. ninja I aslo like maroon and green. I am a pretty good artist. But I only draw manga... crying Most of my friends are azn and most of my friends are guys mrgreen I like sports a lot and I like poking people just to annoy them. biggrin <br />
    My best friends all have weird nicknames like Bao, Mochi, and Momo. Unfortunatly I have no nickname... crying AND THAT IS MEEEEEEEEE!!!! sorta... Oh yeah I'm thirteen...OOOLLLDDDDD!!!! Oh yeah and im scene EMO also! So yeah... 3nodding User ImageUser Image
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