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  • Artist Info: HI!<br />
    My name is Chantel. <br />
    I love to chat. Im a really talkitive person. <br />
    I love nerdy things, Pokemon, teady bears, video games. <br />
    Im really easy to get along with unless you really push my buttons but believe me its really hard to find the right ones. <br />
    I love music. Its what keeps me sane. <br />
    I like a wide range of music, pop, rock, punk, techno, and probably a lot more.<br />
    My Fav band of all time is My Chemical Romance.<br />
    But i also love, <br />
    Fall out Boy,<br />
    Ke$sha,<br />
    3OH!3, <br />
    Katy Perry,<br />
    Tokio Hotel, <br />
    Paramore, <br />
    And lots more. <br />
    Im a movie watcher,<br />
    Anything with Johnny Depp =]<br />
    I also love to read. <br />
    Books are a great way to escape something thats bothering me along with my music. <br />
    I will read almost anything. <br />
    Twilight,<br />
    Harry Potter,<br />
    The Dark series,<br />
    Any manga, <br />
    I also love to write!<br />
    Im sure there is more i just cant think at this moment lol <br />
    If there is anything i forgot to say just ask ill probably tell <3<br />
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