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    <br />
    Hello.<br />
    I'm Mia Airheart.<br />
    Call me Mia.<br />
    I am an artist, dancer, and designer.<br />
    I am going to become a makeup and costume designer.<br />
    I love art, music, and literature.<br />
    My favorite color is purple,<br />
    but I love all bright or rich colors.<br />
    My favorite band is Motion City Soundtrack.<br />
    I like parodies of popular songs.<br />
    I have a medium sized group of friends<br />
    and a lovely computer hacking boyfriend.<br />
    If I were an animal I would be a snow leopard.<br />
    If I were a color I would be green.<br />
    If I were a food I would be a strawberry.<br />
    If I were a landmark I would be Niagara Falls.<br />
    If I were you I would not have read this far.<br />
    It's a good things you're not me.<br />
    I like gummie snacks and gummie candy.<br />
    My favorite kind of gum is Extra Spearmint.<br />
    I think I'm pretty, and that's all that matters.<br />
    I like talking to people so if you want to know more...<br />
    feel free to comment or message me.<br />
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