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  • Artist Info: I hate updating this. so bare with me if its old. I am currently in high school. i am going to join the soccer team. (I LOVE THE WORLD CUP) and i cant wait for college. thats along ways away though so ya. i hate weird ppl. And if you wanna b my friend than you need to act like 1. i hate fakers. I'm not popular but im not a nerd. Ok so i am so freakin retarted. i will litarly do something so stupid to make some one laugh i am curently single and have a ton of friends. i cant not love some one though so i dont hate many ppl(only a few) so... i luv ppl and i love to talk. i talk 4 hours on the phone. XD. OH! ok so i love to draw and i have a ton of art!!<br />
    My b day is in like 7 days so im totally happy. im going swimmin with a ton of friends ( and the guy i like so maybe i'll get lucky!!) ok so if ya wanna get to no me better just pm me. Actually i want u to so pm me any way. if you dont like me thats ur (HUGE) loss. (jk). So ya pm me or email meh @ Cherrypopp@verizon.net. (yes there is 2 p's) Peace out sucker!! ^.^<br />
    <br />
    I got my page from coolpresets.com
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