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  • Artist Info: im guessing that none of you will get the chance to know the real me bacause i dont really socialize much.<br />
    Although, I wouldnt mind making a few friends from time to time.<br />
    Anyway just so you guys can get to know me a little bit, I placed an "About Me" survey below<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Hair Color: Dark brown<br />
    Height: 5'6<br />
    Piercings: 2 and more in a few years <br />
    Tattoos: none yet<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Favorite: <br />
    Band/Singer: Black Sabbath<br />
    Actor/Actress: Johnny Depp <br />
    Song: Miss Murder - AFI <br />
    Genre of Music: Alternative Rock/Punk <br />
    Color(s): Green, Black & Orange <br />
    TV show(s): Fantasy Factory & Breaking Bad <br />
    Movie(s): Let the Right One In <br />
    Food: anyy <br />
    Store: Hot Topic, Yellow Rat Bastard & Spencers <br />
    #: 7 <br />
    Drink: Dry Grape Ginger Ale <br />
    Clothing Brand: anyy <br />
    Shoe Brand: Converse <br />
    Animal: Wolf <br />
    Pizza topping: Plain Cheese <br />
    Season: Winter <br />
    Month: October <br />
    Holiday: Halloween <br />
    Flower: Lotus <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    This or That: <br />
    Sunny or rainy: Rainy <br />
    Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate <br />
    Fruit or veggie: Fruit <br />
    Night or day: Night <br />
    Sour or sweet: Sour <br />
    Love or money: Love <br />
    Phone or in person: In person <br />
    Poor & happy or rich & miserable: Poor & Happy <br />
    Looks or personality: Personality <br />
    Coffee or tea: depends on what kind <br />
    Hot or cold: Cold <br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Your: <br />
    Goal for this year: Survive<br />
    Most missed memory: Dog<br />
    Best physical feature: None <br />
    First thought waking up: "What time it is?"<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />
    Future: <br />
    Do you wanna go to college: Yes <br />
    What do you want to be: Tattoo Artist & Graphics Designer <br />
    Do You: <br />
    Dance in the rain: No <br />
    Smoke: Yes<br />
    Drink: Yes<br />
    Do Any Other Drugs: Yes<br />
    Like thunderstorms: YES!<br />
    Curse: Sometimes<br />
    Sing: In the shower.. <br />
    Play an instrument: Trying to. <br />
    Think you are good looking: No. <br />
    Get along with your parents: Yes <br />
    Other Questions: Feel free to ask any questions<br />
    Can you whistle: Yes <br />
    Right or left handed: Right <br />
    Your bedtime: Anytime <br />
    Biggest fear: Hospitals and needles <br />
    3 things you can't live without: Computer, Family, sweets<br />
    Color of your room: Black & Grey <br />
    Pets: None<br />
    Nicknames: Skye or Lana<br />
    If you could be anywhere right now where would you be: Japan <br />
    Do you wear contacts/glasses: Both <br />
    Are you afraid of the dark: Sometimes <br />
    <br />
    Now you can stalk me <br />
    <br />
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