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  • Artist Info: i loooove anime/manga and all the other cartoony stuff<br />
    i'm really nice unless you piss me off<br />
    which doesnt happen often<br />
    ^_^<br />
    i loooooove people who loooooove vampires<br />
    i'm in the anime club at my school which goes to prove how much i love it<br />
    i looove anime club<br />
    we do nothing but watch animes and have useless debates over useless stuff<br />
    my mom doesnt approve of me going, she say's its not 'educational' but i go anyway biggrin <br />
    anyone who can figure out what this means wil get 5,000g from me<br />
    the sentence is<br />
    "Yoroshiku Onegaiieshimas"<br />
    tell me what it means in english
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