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  • Artist Info: Your typical plain Jane.<br />
    I like many things, dislike many more things.<br />
    I try to be positive, so I can make friends. I really like my friends. :3 <br />
    I'm not particularly good at anything...<br />
    Hm.. what else, what else...<br />
    I'm a very awkward being on the outside. :/ <br />
    Once you get to know me... I'm still pretty awkward.<br />
    On the internet, I seem a lot more sociable than in reality, so I prefer staying on this magical entity.<br />
    Um, by magical entity, I meant the Internet, if you didn't catch that..<br />
    At night, I do my homework. I procrastinate, a lot. I still get exceptional grades, so whatever.<br />
    I'm not smart. I don't have confidence in anything.<br />
    I like origami a lot. If you give me paper, I'll make you anything.<br />
    In the morning, I'm in otaku mode, so I probably won't be on Gaia then. I suppose though, Gaians live in all sorts of time zones throughout the world, so maybe my mornings won't be your mornings, and bam! I'd be online, wouldn't I?<br />
    Ehh, I'm not that active on Gaia actually. I really like it, and if I could make a living off of here, I would.<br />
    You know, I don't know much about myself. If you were to ask me a question only I would know the answer to.. well then that question probably won't get an answer.<br />
    That made hardly any sense. stare <br />
    Anyhow, I have no clue what this "ABOUT ME" thingy is supposed to have in it.<br />
    Things about me?<br />
    Female.<br />
    Asian.<br />
    That's it. <br />
    Your typical plain Jane.<br />
    I guess she wasn't too plain after all, eh?
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